Writer. Actress.

Born in Hollywood, Luisa's life was shaped by her mother's constant travel. Louise Leschin was a concert pianist who toured the world. Her mother's life had Luisa growing up in Guatemala where Spanish was her first language and by age Seven - "Little Luisa" had her own variety TV show. From age 8 to her early teen years, Luisa attended school in Hollywood until her mother once more had the urge to travel, this time to Europe. Luisa became fluent in French and Italian along the way. Living in Spain, Monte Carlo, and London before returning to the states, and attending High School in New York City. She graduated with honors from the H.S. of Performing Arts in N.Y.C., majoring in ballet. At nineteen, she joined the Grand Theatre de Geneve ballet company in Switzerland. She returned to NYC after her tour in Switzerland to transition from ballet to acting, attending class and working in New York several years.

In Hollywood, Luisa successfully amassed many film and television credits. But after ten years of playing Latina gang girls, Latina hookers, Latina maids and of course Latina pregnant women, she became driven to write better parts for all women. These experiences directly led to her desire to write. As a result, Luisa co-founded the highly successful comedy troupe, Latins Anonymous. To date, the play, Latins Anonymous has received over 35 National productions and is taught in several Chicano Studies courses throughout the Southwest. Luisa is a tremendously versatile writer, writing comedy, stage plays and drama. (See Resume)