"Amigas" - The Sweet Fifteen Club - A feature film for Disney Channel. (Written and delivered in 2010) Adapted from a book which appealed to girl teens. Disney Channel
The Kid Who Saved Christmas - an animated feature for Warner Premiere Films through -- George Lopez Presents Productions & Warner Brothers Studios. Warner Brothers Studios.
The Legend Of Chipita Rodriguez Genre: Love story and courtroom drama set in the Old West. Loosely based on the true story of the last woman hanged in Texas.  
Cockroaches Genre: a teenage love story with music. Sometimes we need to be reminded what the American dream is all about...  
Tropico Universal Family Entertainment
National Guard Wives Showtime
Tango Flush- short film (co-writer) Prize winner Sao Paulo Film Festival Mambo Production
The Speedy Gonzalez Project Warner Brother’s Animation
Cockroaches (’07) Spec feature
"Radio Girl" - Book Musical based on "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms".  
Haunted, the Musical -- A reWrite of Haunted the radio play - 2011  
'Q Girl', Set in the world of quinceañeras. A musical to be directed by Kenny Ortega  
Latins Anonymous (co-writer) *Drama-Logue Award
(LATC, San Diego Rep, South Coast Rep. Over 40 regional production to date)
{Scenes used in many Chicano studies college courses}
The LaLa Awards (co-writer)

Japan American Theater, San Diego Rep, The Odyssey Theater, LATC

Haunted Hacienda 1997 (radio play for Wells Fargo Theater) Gene Autry Museum
The Hanging of Chipita Rodriguez 1998 (radio play for Wells Fargo Theater) Gene Autry Museum
Forgotten Rituals 1999 (radio play for Wells Fargo Theater) Gene Autry Museum
Latins Anonymous - 2 Plays Arte Publico Press /6th Printing
Creme de la Femme - Anthology Random House / Female Humor
Disney Television Writing Fellowship 1995-96 Two time ALMA nominee
 Nosotros Golden Eagle Award winner -2004
Laff Traxx - Comedy CD